Grade 4 Camp, The Briar

Grade 4 students had an amazing experience on their camp at The Briars.   Students had a chance to experience canoeing, hut building, flying fox and. archery.

Here are some exciting recounts by students:

Canoeing was amazing! Paddles moved in a frenzy as we played gang up tiggy. James

Horrified. “It’s so high,” I thought as I looked down from the twelfth platform and then I JUMPED. George

Robin Hood eat your heart out. After hundreds of arrows I FINALLY hit the target in the blue section. Lilly

Excited! Strapped in and ready to go, I was scared and then I realised this flying fox was FUN, FUN, FUN. Bray.

THREE! TWO! ONE! I pulled the chord and screamed. The Giant Swing was fun but made me feel sick in the tummy. Toby