Grade 2 Camp Day

On Monday 11th September, our grade 2 student’s set off to Somers Camp for their very first one day camp experience. It began with a delicious breakfast served up by the Junior School Team and a number of willing volunteers.  The community room was filled with the delicious smells of lots of pancakes smothered in maple syrup! Once breakfast was over, the grade 2’s spent some time in the gym playing some fun relays before getting on the bus for a day of exciting activities.

Whilst at the camp, students participated in a Low Ropes Course, in which they were to work in teams of 3 to get through a variety of challenges! Another of the 3 activities was the Orienteering challenge, where the students were tasked to find certain landmarks throughout the camp using a map and their own direction skills! In the third activity students spent half of the time practising their putting skills on the mini golf course and the other half playing some games such table tennis, foosball, ten pin bowling and lawn bowls.

After a quieter bus ride home, we had time to reflect on our day, in which the students talked about their favourite activities and what they enjoyed the most before one final game of Poison Ball. A big thank you needs to go out to all students, and teachers involved for such a fabulously run day. We all had an amazing time!!