Our Grade 3/4 students had such an amazing experience on their 3 days at the Briars Camp.   Our students just love the overnight camp opportunity with all their friends.  This is where they develop deeper relationships, and get connected to real-world learning and teamwork on a different level to the classroom.  The students also learn new challenges that they deal with and overcome to go beyond their normal boundaries and the sky becomes the limit.  All the grade 3/4 campers participate in canoeing, hut building, flying fox and archery.  The educational opportunities at The Briars is awesome our students really enjoy the programs that they setup for kids are just fantastic.  Kids also learn about the local history, flora and fauna on the 230 hectares.  Camp is such an important part of being a kid – and our 3/4 students will remember their camp experiences in to the future years.

Learning outdoors creates long lasting memories, helps build a greater awareness of the environment, provides more opportunities to think independently and gets children feeling challenged and excited about learning. Outdoor play also supports children’s problem-solving skills and nurtures their creativity, as well as providing rich opportunities for their developing imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness. Children are more active when they learn and play outdoors which is essential for their healthy development.