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Upcoming Events & Term Dates

Upcoming Events

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Term Dates


Term 1    29 January  - 5 April

Term 2    23 April - 28 June

Term 3   15 July - 20 September

Term 4   7 October - 20 December

Bell times

8:45     Play support before school begins    

8:58     Line up for session 1

9:00     Begin session 1

9:50     Begin session 2

10:40   Begin session 3

11:30   Eating time - Lunch

11:40   Lunch (first half)

11:50   Lunch (second half)

11:58   Line up

12:00   Begin session 4

12:50   Begin session 5

1:40     Afternoon recess (first half)

2:10     Afternoon recess (second half)

2:38     Line up

2:40     Begin session 6

3:25     Pack up, distribute notices

3:30     End of day

3:45     End of Play support after school




Your child is considered late for school if arriving after 8.55am, you must sign your child in at  the office and obtain a Late Pass if arriving after 8.55am. Late arrival to class causes major disruption to morning routines and can be unsettling for other students.

JSWS Ms Wheeler &Mrs Stock 11
JSP Mr Poole 12
JSH Ms Hart 13
JSD Ms Durham 14
MSRK Mrs Ralph &Ms Kallinikos 1
MSD Ms Deacon 3
MSG Mrs Gray 4
SSK Mrs Kandasamy 7
SSHP Mrs Hengamuhle &Mr Patterson 8
SSW Mrs Morgan 10

Community Information


School Council & Sub-Committee Information

Subcommittee Members 2019

1. SUBCOMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP Each school councillor to nominate which sub committee they will assist. At the next meeting of each sub committee a school councillor will be nominated to report to the next school council meeting. Explanation of each sub committee given and their role

Education Team Members:

  • Kaye Ralph
  • Debbie Deacon
  • Bianca Turner
  • Corinna Lourens

Finance Team Members:

  • Nicky Fammartino
  • Judy Waddington
  • Nicole Love

Fundraising Team Members:

  • Judy Waddington
  • Dianne Robertson
  • Erin Page
  • Elisha Page
  • Rebecca Edwards

Community Connections Team

  • Lisa Bailey
  • Elisha Page
  • Nicole Love
  • Sarah Kandasamy
  • Mark Dewhurst

Stir Crazy Kids Canteen

Staff Email Addresses


Staff Email Addresses


Assembly is held every second Friday commencing 8th February.   All Welcome.