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Medication Permission Form

Student Information Update form

Student Absent Note

Student Transfer Note

Parent Chaplaincy Referral If you would like your child to visit our School Chaplain you can request a referral form from the office.

Approach to Bullying Policy 2018 revision        

Working with Children Check policy and procedures

Child Protection Reporting                                Child Safe Policy 2016

Headlice Treatment                                            Headlice School Policy

Anaphylaxis Management Policy                       English Policy

Multi-cultural Policy                                            Mathematics Policy

Homework Policy                                               Equal Opportunity Policy

Camp Incursion & Excursion Policy                  Sun Smart Policy

Dress Code                                                       Student Wellbeing Brochure

Duty of Care Policy                                           ICT Mobile Phone Policy and Acceptable Use Agreement

Student Engagement and Inclusion Policy       Approach to Bullying Policy


Term 1    29 January  - 5 April

Term 2    23 April - 28 June

Term 3   15 July - 20 September

Term 4   7 October - 20 December











Bell times

8:45     Play support before school begins    

8:58     Line up for session 1

9:00     Begin session 1

9:50     Begin session 2

10:40   Begin session 3

11:30   Eating time - Lunch

11:40   Lunch (first half)

11:50   Lunch (second half)

11:58   Line up

12:00   Begin session 4

12:50   Begin session 5

1:40     Afternoon recess (first half)

2:10     Afternoon recess (second half)

2:38     Line up

2:40     Begin session 6

3:25     Pack up, distribute notices

3:30     End of day

3:45     End of Play support after school




Your child is considered late for school if arriving after 8.55am, you must sign your child in at  the office and obtain a Late Pass if arriving after 8.55am. Late arrival to class causes major disruption to morning routines and can be unsettling for other students.

JSWS Ms Wheeler &Mrs Stock 11
JSP Mr Poole 12
JSH Ms Hart 13
JSD Ms Durham 14
MSRK Mrs Ralph &Ms Kallinikos 1
MSD Ms Deacon 3
MSG Mrs Gray 4
SSK Mrs Kandasamy 7
SSHP Mrs Hengamuhle &Mr Patterson 8
SSW Mr White 10

Community Information


Somerville Rise Primary School would like to invite children of pre-school age with parents, grandparents and guardians to our FREE Community Playgroup. WHEN: Every Wednesday morning TIME: 9am-11am WHERE: Community Centre – Somerville Rise Primary School AIMED AT: Children 0-4 years of age Playgroup is a great way to meet other parents from the area and for your child to interact with children from a similar age. This is not restricted to parents from our school but is a whole community activity. Tea & Coffee is provided (Gold Coin Donation)

School Council & Sub-Committee Information

Subcommittee Members 2018

1. SUBCOMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP Each school councillor to nominate which sub committee they will assist. At the next meeting of each sub committee a school councillor will be nominated to report to the next school council meeting. Explanation of each sub committee given and their role

Education Team Members:

  • Mark Dewhurst
  • Kaye Ralph
  • Corinna Lourens
  • Craig White
  • Sarah Kandsamy

Finance Team Members:

  • Nicky Fammartino
  • Anne Hyde*
  • Judy Waddington
  • Nicole Love

Fundraising Team Members:

  • Judy Waddington
  • Erin Page
  • Elisha Page
  • Rebecca Edwards

Community Connections Team

  • Lisa Bailey
  • Nicole McClelland
  • Mark Dewhurst

* Not a member of the School Council

Stir Crazy Kids Canteen

Staff Email Addresses


Staff Email Addresses

Staff email Addresses


Assembly is held every second Friday commencing 8th February.   All Welcome.