Our School Grounds

Pride in our grounds

Here at Somerville Rise Primary School we take great pride in our school grounds. Our students eat their lunch at a set time in the class room before they enter the playground, as this prevents the amount of rubbish that will potentially end up on the ground.

Rubbish Free Day

Every Tuesday is ‘Rubbish Free’ day. This means that children are encouraged to bring their lunches in re-usable containers so that NO rubbish enters the playground. The canteen is not available on Tuesdays due to this rule.

Safe Play Areas

Our playground areas are divided up into grade appropriate play areas. This makes each play area safe for the grades allowed to use the area. We have a number of areas available for the children to play all sorts of games. The basketball courts are very popular for a wide range of ball games as is our oval.

Quiet Courtyards

For the kids that prefer just to take it easy at play times the canteen courtyard is a nice area just to sit and chat as is the grassy setting of the SRC courtyard.

Sports Grounds

Our new turf oval makes for a great place to play all our favourite winter sports…Footy!

Laptops & Computers

Here at Somerville Rise Primary School we have a mixture of both laptops & desktops. Classrooms also have an interactive whiteboard which is large interactive display that connects to a laptop.  In addition to this each class has their own computers to use on a daily basis.


The Somerville Rise Primary School Library has something for everyone’s interest. We have over 2,500 picture story books, 3,000 fiction and nearly 4,000 non-fiction books to choose from. Our teachers have access to teacher reference books, and boundless resources to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom.

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is enthusiastically participated in each year, we have visiting author’s for Book Week, as well as our annual Book fair. With average loans of 20,000 books each year, it makes the library a very busy and important area of the school.



Stir Crazy Kids Canteens is delighted to be providing a Canteen for Somerville Rise Primary School. The Canteen will be operating Monday, Wednesday to Friday every school week. Closed Tuesdays. You will be able to order your child’s/children’s lunches on any of these days and the Canteen will be open from 8.30 each morning and at snack and lunch break for window sales. Please be prepared for some different items in the canteen as well as the food we provided for lunches.

We are very proud of our Canteen menu. It has be formulated over many years of feeding primary school students, taking in to consideration the DEECD policies for Health Eating. Our Menu completely complies with this policy and we follow the traffic light system.

We make all of our fresh lunches onsite as well as our cookies, muffins and gingerbreads. We make our pastas, toasted sandwiches and special meal day choices as well , we only bring in some items that are produced better than we can make them or for special dietary requirements.

We have partnered with My School Connect to provide a website for our canteens for parents to order their kids lunches online. No need for a lunch box or paper bag. We have a specific website for Somerville Rise families to use. The Web address is below All you need to do is register set up your students details. You can do a direct deposit to draw down from for lunch orders or use your credit card or Paypal and for payments on the day. There is a fee for using Credit cards and Paypal and an order fee of .33c per order. Doing a direct deposit has no fee but can take a few days to transfer in. Once you have registered you will be able to order your kids lunches a month or week in advance or on the day before 9am. They have an App for mobile phones available from Apple and Google play. So easy to use. Most of the photos of the food on the site have be taken by us. Ordering lunches online help us to have everything ready for your kids on time! Paper bags are provided for online orders https://www.myschoolconnect.com.au

Lunch orders can also be place through the canteen lunch bags in the class room.

Details of the for this is on the Canteen Menu.

We look forward to meeting you all on Monday the 17th of July Term 3.

Donna , Ngaire and the team from SCK.

Find us on facebook stircrazykidscanteen




Community Centre

The Somerville Rise Community Centre is a wonderful asset to us here at school as well as our wider community. The versatile building is used on a daily basis for many school related activities as well as a range of community activities both within and without the educational sector. We also have a number of community groups that run various after school programs such as music and dance classes on a weekly basis.


The Barn

Somerville Rise Primary School is a school committed to environmental sustainability, and the school’s Sustainability Education Centre provides students with opportunities to take a ‘hands-on’ approach to learning about looking after their local environment.

The Barn’, as the Centre is affectionately known, has a propagation facility where students can learn how to grow plants from seed. Students grow organic fruit and vegetables, and they love ‘sampling’ beans, tomatoes and peas from the plants they grow.

Along with fruit and vegetables, students also produce native plants that are indigenous to the local environment. These plants are then sold at low prices to the local community for use in gardens in Somerville. The money raised from these sales goes back into the program.

The centre itself is a model for environmental sustainability. All plants are grown from sustainable seeds, and seed is collected from indigenous plants to add to the Centre’s seed bank. Water is collected for the plants in a 30000 lt water tank, and all sprinklers run on an automatic programmable timer. Worm farms even turn food scraps from school lunches into fertiliser for the plants.

The program is closely linked to the school curriculum. Students learn about environmental issues, working in groups and solving problems in a real-life context. An environmental consultant is employed regularly to teach the students how to propagate and care for the plants they grow.

After School Care

Somerville Rise Primary School After School Care service strives to offer the best quality care for young children. We cater for children from prep to grade 6, through extra curricular activities, embracing and encouraging diversity and welcoming a wide range of specific and general needs. Our care program is designed to complement and augment the school’s policies, cultural and curricular requirements.

Somerville Rise Primary School’s After School Hours Care is registered with the National Childcare Accreditation Council’s accreditation process which sets quality standards for organisations providing care for children. These standards ensure children’s health and safety and promote play, learning and development through positive experiences and interactions. The school’s after school care program is available before school, after school and is also vacational. If there is any enquires contact the school office or visit Camp Australia’s website for more details.


Facilities For Hire

Somerville Primary School offers facilities for hire to the local community.

Hall/Gym is available for hire with or without canteen facility.

Community Centre is available for hire with or without kitchen facility.

The school oval and outside basketball courts can be used with prior approval from the Principal Mrs Nicky Fammartino.

If you are interested in hiring of one of our facilities please enquire directly at Somerville Rise Primary School on 5977 8500 the availability and exact hire costs will be available upon request.




(A) Lectures, demonstrations, sport practice.

(B) Small Meetings, Social Functions with less than 50 persons (Inc. Church groups) Or Conferences and Demonstrations with more than 50 persons. (Private parties are excluded)


CHARGES PER HOUR SESSION (per hour or part there of)

(A) $16.50 (B) $22.00

(A) $20.00+ GST (B) $25.00+ GST

$20.00+ GST (B) $25.00+ GST


A cash Bond of $500 is required.

Persons hiring the Hall must have Public Liability Insurance, a Registered ABN and Working With Children check

(Failure to comply with any conditions as set out in the general conditions of hire (eg. lights left on, failure to lock building, failure to activate Security System on leaving) will result in either partial or total loss of bond.)



Enquire at Office for times premises are available for hire.


Mrs Nicky Fammartino

Somerville Rise Primary School

(PO Box 317) Somerville VIC 3912

Telephone: (03) 5977 8500