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Notices - Whole School

2017 Term Dates

 in Grades 3-6 begin Term 1, 2017 on Wednesday 1st February and Prep-2 on Thursday 2nd February.

Prep children DO NOT attend school on WEDNESDAYS during February
Grade 1 & 2 Students do not attend the first TWO WEDNESDAYS during


Term 1: 30 January to 31 March
Term 2: 18 April to 30 June
Term 3: 17 July to 22 September
Term 4: 9 October to 22 December


Children are dismissed at 2.30pm on the last day of each term
** There will be four student free days during 2017 these will be confirmed early
in the year. Parents will be given timely notice via Newsletter, flyer, website
and on our phone app.




Session & Bell Times

8.45am         Yard duty bell

8.58am         Line Up Bell

9.00am         Start Class

10.40am       Recess Eating

10.50am       Recess

11.05am       Yard duty changeover

11.18am       Line Up Bell

11.20am       Class Time

1.00pm         Lunch Eating

1.10pm         Lunch Break

1.30pm         Yard duty changeover

1.48pm         Line Up Bell

1.50pm         Class Time

3.25pm         Pack up bell

3.30pm         Students dismissed

3.45pm         Yard Duty Finished




Your child is considered late for school if arriving after 8.55am, you must sign your child in at  the office and obtain a Late Pass if arriving after 8.55am. Late arrival to class causes major disruption to morning routines and can be unsettling for other students.

Community Information


Somerville Rise Primary School would like to invite children of pre-school age with parents, grandparents and guardians to our FREE Community Playgroup. WHEN: Every Wednesday morning TIME: 9am-11am WHERE: Community Centre – Somerville Rise Primary School AIMED AT: Children 0-4 years of age Playgroup is a great way to meet other parents from the area and for your child to interact with children from a similar age. This is not restricted to parents from our school but is a whole community activity. Tea & Coffee is provided (Gold Coin Donation)

School Council & Sub-Committee Information

Subcommittee Members 2015

1. SUBCOMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP Each school councillor to nominate which sub committee they will assist. At the next meeting of each sub committee a school councillor will be nominated to report to the next school council meeting. Explanation of each sub committee given and their role

Education Team Members:

  • Mark Dewhurst
  • Kaye Ralph
  • Ian Fitcher
  • Nicole Love

Finance Team Members:

  • Nicky Fammartino
  • Anne Hyde*
  • Lisa Durham
  • Amanda Petersen
  • Nicole McClelland

Fundraising Team Members:

  • Belinda Jones
  • Judy Waddington
  • Fiona Cann
  • Vicki Sherrah

21st Birthday & Celebrations

  • Andrew Felsinger
  • Nicole McClelland
  • Camille Sheldrick
  • Corinna Lourens
  • Fiona Cann

* Not a member of the School Council

Staff Email Addresses


Staff Email Addresses

Staff email Addresses

Assembly Performance Roster