Somerville Rise Primary School is a school committed to developing the foundations for life success.

Somerville Rise Primary School is committed to the development and implementation of innovative, effective teaching programs and learning strategies in order to maximise the learning outcomes of students.

Through the adoption of this rationale the school aims to foster the development of:

  • Sustainability practice linking with the environment. Learning connects strongly with communities and practice beyond the classroom.
  • Positive student self esteem and independence in learning
  • Confidence to strive for personal best and excellence in learning
  • A sense of individual and collective pride in striving for continued improvement
  • Self discipline and flexibility to function in a changing society
  • Appreciation of the physical, social and cultural diversities in society
  • A sense of responsibility and ownership towards their own learning
  • Cooperation and the ability to work as a member of a team
  • Life long learning skills.

The school community believes that educational experiences must match the child’s developmental stage, whilst promoting growth and further learning. Active student participation in their own learning is encouraged by building on students’ previous experiences, interests and talents. Through the development of a supportive and encouraging learning environment the students are progressively prepared to take responsibility for their own learning

Somerville Rise Primary School offers a balanced and comprehensive curriculum, which reflects Victorian Essential Learning Standards

Physical Education and Sport

Each grade at Somerville Rise receives a one hour PE session and the senior students also receive two hours of sport per week. Skill development, physical fitness and good sportsmanship are all key ingredients of the PE program.

Prep children are involved in PMP activities and the Junior school program has a strong emphasis on the Fundamental Motor Skills. These give the students a foundation for later participation in sports.

Students at Somerville Rise have the opportunity to represent the School, District, Zone, Region and State in various sports including athletics, cross-country, football, netball and more.

Children in grades Prep-2 are encouraged to participate in a swimming program run by qualified swimming instructors at a local 25m pool.

Our grade 3-6 students are involved in a Beach Safety Day which is held at Mt.Martha LSC. They learn real-life skills from practising Lifesavers.

Somerville Rise PS offers a 3 day- 2 night camp for grade 4 children, and a 5 day- 4 night camp for grade 6 students. Both camps are nearby in order to maximise the amount of activity time for students.

Visual Arts

Performing Arts

In Performing Arts, students explore a different theme each term using music, song, dance, and drama. They are provided with the opportunity to develop their skills in each of these areas through the use of games, structured activities and a variety of stimulus to which they can respond to. As well as learning the fundamentals of the performing arts, these lessons also provide students with the chance to use their imagination and increase their self confidence.

Students learn to work cooperatively with others in groups and also take on various leadership roles. Our students are granted the opportunity to showcase their talents by performing at assembly, various community events, the Wakakirri National Story Dance Competition and participating in school concerts.

Extra Curricular

Instrumental Music Program

Student Wellbeing

At Somerville Rise Primary School we have a positive and proactive approach to Student Wellbeing. We aim to provide a happy, safe, supportive and caring environment based on mutual respect, in which all students are valued as individuals and are encouraged to develop to their full potential.
Our Student Wellbeing approach encompasses the following:

  • Respect for self
  • Respect for others
  • Responsibility for your actions

Our Student Wellbeing approach is designed to enhance the development of positive relationships between students, teachers, parents and other members of the school community by providing a positive, supportive and safe teaching and learning environment where students will:

  • develop a sense of self worth and appreciate the worth of others
  • be encouraged to accept responsibility for their behaviour through positive re-enforcement and the teaching and learning of social skills
  • develop an awareness in each student that there are logical consequences for socially unacceptable behaviour
  • develop the ability to live and work cooperatively, through understanding and valuing individual differences and becoming more tolerant of others
  • discover and develop their potential in academic, creative, recreational and personal activities.

Somerville Rise Primary School’s Student Wellbeing procedures are based on an encouragement philosophy to foster a school climate within which personal responsibility and self discipline will be developed. Somerville Rise Primary School actively encourages and promotes the idea of a NO PUT DOWN environment. “NO PUT DOWN ZONE” signs will be displayed throughout the school to help develop a discrimination and harassment free environment in the school. In conjunction with this, charts with the school rules and other related student wellbeing issues are displayed prominently. So students are immersed in a positive environment that promotes positive messages.

Our school rules have been numbered and coloured to assist with student recognition of the rules. The rules are:

  1. Safety – We will act safely towards ourselves and others. (Red)
  2. Learning – We will allow others to enjoy school and learn. (Purple)
  3. Respect – We will be respectful of ourselves and others. (Green)
  4. Responsibility – We will be honest and accept responsibility for our behaviour. (Blue)
  5. Courtesy – We will be considerate and caring towards others. (Orange)

We also actively use circle time across the school, in the classroom which provides students with opportunities to further develop their emotional literacy(social skills) in a structured format that builds and fosters positive relationships amongst students with their teachers. This is a focus throughout the beginning of first term, thus developing a positive classroom climate and a whole class learning plan so as to create a productive learning environment for all students for the remainder of the year.

At Somerville Rise Primary School the majority of our endeavours will be devoted to recognising and promoting positive behaviour. Many programs and initiatives have been developed at the school to support the school’s focus on enhancing student wellbeing.


The discouragement of negative behaviour

While Somerville Rise has adopted an approach which acknowledges that behaviour is most effectively modified through the application of an encouragement approach, it is recognised that there will be times when it will be necessary to take further action to protect the learning rights of all students when a student doesn’t adhere to the school rules.

Student Wellbeing is a vital area in the school and encompasses the following:

  • Classroom discipline procedure
  • Social skills program taught in classrooms
  • Grade 6 Teacher buddy program
  • Class buddy program
  • Circle Time Program
  • Grade 6 school leader program
  • Grade 5 Leadership Training program
  • Konnected Kidz program
  • SRC

Overall you can see that Somerville Rise Primary school has a strong focus on Student Wellbeing, which involves many programs and initiatives across the school. We are strongly committed to teaching the 5th R in education which is RELATIONSHIPS.

School Rules


We will act safely towards ourselves and others.


We will allow others to enjoy and learn.


We will be polite, considerate and caring towards others.


We will be honest and accept responsibility for our own behaviour.


We will be respectful of ourselves and others.